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Discussion and support for the Nmea2Wifi multiplexer - a 2-input Nmea 0183 wifi multiplexer.
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Will you place a Like on my Facebook Page?

Post by Luis Sa » Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:56 am


You may know that I do alone the design, the buying, the mounting and the soldering of the component parts, the testing and the shipping of the multiplexers. I spent many hours in my little workshop pictured here:


When I started this project, it was great as I like very much electronic circuit design and computer programming. However when I decided to sell the multiplexers, the repetitive work came:


I do my best to have you as a satisfied buyer and it is very gratifying to know that the majority of the sailors that bought the multiplexers like them. I am grateful to all that left good reviews on Ebay. I would be even more grateful if you could tell other sailors about the multiplexers or helping me to promote my Facebook Page by visiting it and leaving a "Like"!

Thank You, Luis

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