NMEA4wifi not emitting

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Venot C
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NMEA4wifi not emitting

Post by Venot C » Thu Mar 16, 2023 5:13 pm

I try to use a NMEA4wifi multiplexer that had never been powered since it had been bought about 20 months ago.
Connected to a Seatalk bus on P4 according to the picture on the site (the left one), we saw twice all led flashing, then nothing after and no WiFi emission.
The doubt I have concerns the fact that the led were flashing two or three times, only when the item was partially connected to the Seatalk bus which was already powered : at this moment were connected the ground wire and the red and yellow wires of the Seatalk (to P4) but the 12V red wire was not connected to the 12V plot.

After that, I have checked the 5v at the output of the voltage regulator (which was very hot).
I tried also to connect P5 to P4 according with the procedure to test the output and input.
I also tried to push the boot button during a long time with no more result.

I am not sure to be clear enough.
So, what could I do to restart or control the item ?


Luis Sa
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Re: NMEA4wifi not emitting

Post by Luis Sa » Thu Mar 16, 2023 6:15 pm

Hello Venot,

The 5V voltage regulator should not be hot. If I understand your description it seems something is very wrong and the multiplexer is dead. Please check this:

1) with noting connected to the spring connectors, just use a USB cable connected between the multiplexer and a PC. Check if any circuit is hot. If is hot stop. If nothing is hot check if the the NMEA4WIFI is created and if you can connect to that network.

2) Now remove the USB cable and just connect 12V and GND to the front spring connector. Check if any circuit is hot. If no circuit is hot, try to measure the voltage at the output of the switching regulator

I assume you have the SMD unit (not a TH unit). Depending on what you find, I could try to repair the multiplexer (for example I could mount a voltage regulator underneath the PCB if the problem is the regulator only). Please use my email luis@vela-navega.com to discuss this case.

Regards, Luis

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