Nmea4Wifi Factory Reset and Led Ligths

Discussion and support for the Nmea4Wifi multiplexer - a 4-input Nmea 0183 wifi multiplexer.
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Nmea4Wifi Factory Reset and Led Ligths

Post by Luis Sa » Thu Apr 22, 2021 4:09 am


Here is a video that shows how you can make a factory reset on the Nmea4Wifi multiplexer. In order to do that you need to press and hold the BOOT switch:

In the video I tried twice. In the 1st time I did not wait for all Leds to go OFF. You need to press and hold the switch until the lights go OFF as in my 2nd attempt.

The final sequence when each Green Led blinks starting on the right most and ending on the left most LED signals that an AP (Access Point) with the name NMEA4WIFI (and password 12345678) has been created. You should be able to see this created wifi network on a PC or smartphone. In order to connect to this network you should unset "mobile data" or "connect automatically to" other networks that you normally use. In some smartphones (on my Android for example) I am presented with a message like this "This network has no Internet connection. Do you want to keep it?" which I answer YES.

Regards, Luis

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