Problems with firmware 4.1

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Problems with firmware 4.1

Post by Luis Sa » Sat May 22, 2021 2:16 am


Firmware 4.1 was the 1st software to support the new 2021 models (both the TH and SMD versions). If you have one of these units I suggest that you update the firmware to the latest version (4.4 at the time I write this).

There are 2 problems that could arise and I give here some tips to overcome them:
  • the most serious problem is that the 12345678 password is not be accepted. It happened in a couple of units. This means that you can not operate the multiplexer. The only way to solve this problem is to return the multiplexer to me or do a ERASE and REFLASH as explained here. That completes solves the problem and you will get the most recent firmware.
  • another problem is that the UPLOAD button to flash new firmware will not start or the progress bar freezes after a while. If that happens, you could wait until the box "CHOOSE A BIN FILE" becomes empty. Then you select again the BIN file and press again UPLOAD. This will normally does the job. If not you can set the multiplexer to connect to an external network that has Internet connection. Then instead of using in your browser you use the IP that the multiplexer has in the external network. If the multiplexer has access to the internet as it has at the described stage it will be able to get a Google javascript file that it needs to show the progress bar. Or you can do the ERASE and REFLASH referred to above.
I am sorry for this problem. Only a small number of units were sent with this firmware.

Regards, Luis

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