Get GPS From Tablet's GPS to NMEA4 to use with P#4

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Get GPS From Tablet's GPS to NMEA4 to use with P#4

Post by dagnall » Sun Jul 24, 2022 11:10 am

Most users will use a GPS (mushroom etc) on the boat to support the boat VHF DSC, and so will connect the GPS serial output to the VHF, and also to the NMEA4..

But if you have a Tablet with GPS, it might be helpful if the Tablet could send GPS data to the NMEA4WiFI, and then you can send this "out" on #P4 to the VHF, saving adding a GPS with Serial port.

User Anders Frisendal from Denmark had this problem, and he was dismayed to find that his preferred NAVIONICS program would not send the Tablet GPS data "out". (NOTE .. QTVLM and INAVX will allow this, but Anders preferred to use Navionics)

The solution (Android) was a program called Share GPS app ( ... l=da&gl=US that can run in the background and send out GPS.. so he can use NAVIONICS App, and also and Send GPS from the tablet to his VHF.
Sharing Tablet GPS to VHF

The settings he used in NMEA4 and the Share App are shown below.
Multiplexer settings 21072022.pdf
NMEA4 Settings
(159.32 KiB) Downloaded 112 times
Settings in Share GPS 21072022.pdf
SHARE GPS settings
(124.63 KiB) Downloaded 103 times
(Note.. For IOS, there appears to be a similar product, gps2ip, that is described nicely in a SeaNav post. ... your-ipad/ )

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