About the Nmea1ST

Discussion about the Nmea1ST - bidirectional bridge between SeaTalk1 and Nmea0183
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About the Nmea1ST

Post by Luis Sa » Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:55 am


The Nmea1ST is a bridge between SeaTalk1 and Nmea0183. It runs on a ESP32 development module. It needs to be fully tested and some conversions from the Nmea to SeaTalk1 direction need to be added. I publish here the software and the schematics of a possible hardware.

The software needs to be compiled and flashed using the Arduino IDE. In order to do that you should unzip the 7 ino files contained in the ZIP to a folder with the name of NMEA1ST that you need to create inside your Arduino sketchbook folder.

In a following topic I suggest a simpler circuit to run the software for testing purposes.

Regards, Luis
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