Binary updates for the Nmea3Wifi multiplexer

Discussion and support for the Nmea3Wifi multiplexer - a 2-input Nmea 0183 wifi multiplexer with a full bidirectional SeaTalk1 input/output port.
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Binary updates for the Nmea3Wifi multiplexer

Post by Luis Sa » Sat Dec 04, 2021 8:48 pm


Here is the list of Binary files that have been released. I truly suggest that you use the last one.
  • NMEA3WIFIV13.BIN (March 2022) - minor update to correct small bugs from the initial release.
  • NMEA3WIFIV14.BIN (April 2022) - medium release. The following was added:
    • A complete revision of the additions of version 13
    • More reliable connections to an external network will be noticed
  • NMEA3WIFIV15.BIN (April 2022) - minor release. The following was corrected:
    • bug in converting datagram 53 to nmea0183 sentence RMC (bad SOG)
  • NMEA3WIFIV16.BIN (October 2022) - minor release. The following was corrected:
    • bug in converting datagram 53 (bad COG in some circumstances)
    • bug in converting datagram 85 (bad XTE)
  • NMEA3WIFIV17.BIN (November 2022) - major release. The following was added or corrected:
    • SeaTalk1 conversion modes were added which can be set through an extra settings webpage
    • web interface was revised. Logo is clickable to return to the main settings page
    • Leds will flash during Update
    • bugs in Minor and Major acknowledgment's webpages were fixed
    • modification of internal interrupt and timer operation
The following are release candidates and involve major changes in the way the NMEA2WIFI, NMEA3WIFI and NMEA4WIFI multiplexers work. We will be grateful if you can test and report any errors. You can always return to the previous version by using OTA update.
  • NMEA3WIFIV20.BIN (July 2023) - major release. In relation to previous version 1.7, the following was added:
    • works in parallel with other multiplexers
    • improved user interface and wifi connectivity
    • added Datagram58 (combined Lat long) and GGA and HDOP
    • added Satellites limit in ST datagram 57 and validity check in GGA
    • added ability to filter ACA, ACS, TXT and ACK messages
    • added Seatalk Autopilot Webpage (/autopilot)
    • added Experimental features webpage (/dev)
    • Experimental features webpage can be accessed via new button just below UPDATE on the MAIN/HOME webpage
  • NMEA3WIFIV22.BIN (December 2023) - major release. It corrects the following bug found in version 2.0:
    • ssid of EXTERNAL NETWORK was not properly stored in EEPROM
  • NMEA3WIFIV23.BIN (March 2024) - medium release. Following improvements were added:
    • internal bug in stopping serial ports
    • change in SeaTalk to HDG conversion
  • NMEA3WIFIV24.BIN (April 2024) - minor release with "cosmetic" changes only.

    Regards, Luis