Alternate Debug mode.

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Alternate Debug mode.

Post by dagnall » Sat Jul 22, 2023 5:18 pm

The /Dev page also includes an alternate "Debug" display.
This can be started by clicking "DEBUG" and closed by clicking either of the Close Debug buttons.
It will fill a screen window and scroll to capture data as the NMEA3 decodes it. To prevent webbrowser overload, it only captures 20 seconds of data and then pauses. But you can manually restart capture at any time. If too much data is captured, the webbrowser may slow down the display. The CLEAR button will clear the display.

In this example I am receiving real GPS on P1 and some simulated Instrument data on Seatalk, which is also being sent on the "EXT" and "UDP" WiFi links from the simulator.

The debug mode will run concurrently with other options.

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