Kanonis Boatyard - 2017 winter home for Margarida

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Kanonis Boatyard - 2017 winter home for Margarida

Post by Luis Sa » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:07 pm


We were not sure where to leave Margarida for the winter of 2017. We had the fix date of August, 30, to take the Aegean flight from Athens to Lisbon. Our first was to leave the boat in Boat Club near Chalkidi. Some friends told us that if there was north wind we could be waiting some days before they could take the boat out of water. Then we start to look to Kilada and in particular to Lekkas Shipyard. In this place the wind would not be a problem and we would be fine with the fixed date of August, 30. Here the problem was the distance to Athens. Nothing that could not be solved but, to be true, I did not like very much the town of Kilada when we were there in mid July. Then, in Astros, I met Fernando, a sailor from Pontevedra, who told me about Kanonis Boatyard where he leaves his boat in Aegina during the past 10 years. And so, I decided for Aegina. The boat came out of water on August 26 because there was going to be a windy weekend.


Prices for these 3 shipyards are very similar. It is easy to get to Aegina. There are ferries to/from Piraeus about every hour. I will go there next December with my friend Tozé.

Regards, Luis

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