Setting up with existing AIS and chartplotter

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Setting up with existing AIS and chartplotter

Post by johnoffowey » Sat May 22, 2021 5:15 pm

Firstly let me say I have minimal knowledge of electronics (getting my excuses in early!)

I need to know how to integrate my Nmea2wifi with an existing hardwired Comar AIS and Standard Horizon chartplotter.
I wish only to receive AIS data by wifi to use Navionics on my tablet / phone.

The AIS receiver has an nmea/ power port and a USB 2.0B port

Can I
- run wires from the nmea data port (ie sharing with data wires to the chartplotter) to A2 / B2 ?
- or use the USB port and take the data wires into A2 / B2 ? If so, will both the chartplotter and wifi read AIS data simultaneously?
- or do I need to disconnect the existing AIS data wires from the chart plotter and take this to the nmea2wifi A2/B2 and then take the data feed from A3/B3 back to the chartplotter?

Or connect in some other way!?

Comar are not being helpful - they just want to sell me on of their wifi devices!
Grateful for any help

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