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Discussions on how to get parts for the Beneteau Oceanis 40 sailing boat.
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The first place to go

Post by Luis Sa » Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:19 pm


The most valuable website that will help you in finding a specific part for the Oceanis 40 sailboat is:

You need to register before you can get access to the site. Once you login you choose the model of your boat (Beneteau 40 as the Oceanis 40 is known in the USA) and then you can search all parts by reference or by drawing. I like to find a piece using the drawings as I rarely know the reference part number. Following is an example to get information about the catch push lock mechanism that is used in many cabinet doors in the Oceanis 40:


You can see the price of 3,52 USD dollars and get a photo of the item to confirm that it is the right piece:


I used this site to get a replacement cockpit table top, back in 2011. They were very helpful and they dispatched the piece to Portugal. Another place with useful information is the Beneteau 40/43 forum. Details in the picture.


Regards, Luis

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