Antifouling Paint

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Antifouling Paint

Post by Luis Sa » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:24 pm


In the first 5 years Margarida used to stay the winter on water (Burriana, Porto Rotondo, Brindisi, Burriana and Porto). Every year the boat came out of the water mainly for applying the antifoulling. More recently I left the boat in Preveza, Crotone and now (2017 to 2018) in Aegina (Kanonis boatyard) out of the water. In September it is washed with pressurized water. In April it is painted. In the beginning I used better paints from International, but since now the boat is only 4 months in the water, I am using less expensive paints. The one I chose is Stoppani Fisher Black.


5 liters of this paint cost me about 150 euros including shipping to Greece. The online store is this one. By the way, I gave up to paint the propeller with a special paint. One or two weeks after being in water, the special black paint (Velox was the brand) was gone and only the green primer remained!

Regards, Luis

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