Another post about testing the hardware

Discussion and support for the Nmea4Wifi multiplexer - a 4-input Nmea 0183 wifi multiplexer.
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Another post about testing the hardware

Post by Luis Sa » Sat May 22, 2021 1:03 am


In a past topic there is a video showing how you can test the wired inputs and output of the multiplexer. Here is a similar post. In order to carry out the test you need to make a factory reset first. Then when the multiplexer starts, if it detects that it has factory settings, it checks if its output P5 is connected to any (to some or to all) of its inputs. It checks it by sending a complex sequence of characters on P5 and testing if that sequence is read on any of its ports. If the test succeeds, the multiplexer sends 5 strings of 40 characters at different baud rates and reads the input ports. It does it for ever. In order to stop this condition you need to power off the multiplexer and remove the wires that connect the output port P5 to any of the input ports.

In the infinite loop the Red light blinks when data is sent on P5 and each Green led blinks if the received data is the same as the one sent by P5. In the following video, we connected P5 to P1 and P3. As P1 and P3 blink 5 times, we conclude that the output port is working as expected as well as the P1 and P3 input ports.

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