On August 26, 2021, I made the following post on the "Boat Electrical Systems" FaceBook group:

Quick Windlass runs slow - My Oceanis 40 (2010) came with a 12V Quick Aleph 1000W windlass. It worked OK during the first 9 years. I sail from May to October. On the 10th season (2019) it started to run slow in both directions. I ordered a new motor (that I refer to as the B motor) and it run OK during the whole 11th season (2020). I took the old motor (that I refer to as the A motor) to an electric workshop and they told me that it could be repaired with a new winding. So I did, and kept this motor (A) as a spare. This season, on the first use, the windlass was terrible slow. I call a marine electrician and he took everything off for an inspection. He took the old motor A as well for the case he needed it. After 2 days he returned and reassembled everything.
He told me that there was a lot of corrosion that was putting a lot of effort to the motor. The brushes and the bearings were broken and the sealant destroyed. He replaced the gearbox oil, put new bearings and sealant and used the brushes (and the brushes holding cases) from the old motor B. It was running fast in both directions and taking about 20 amps with no load.
However, after 2 weeks, it started to run slow. Sometimes slow sometimes fast. Yesterday, for example it was fast. I had to reset the anchor and it was always fast. This morning it was slow. This afternoon I made the following measurements with it running slow and with no load. The batteries were fully charged (have solar panels) showing a voltage of about 13.5V. As soon as the windlass turns, the batteries voltage goes to about 12.3V and supplying about 80 amps. The voltage at the motor terminals is about 11.5V. With these results I am excluding a problem in the wiring circuit. As in 2 weeks I return home (boat in Greece, home in Portugal) I will try to resolve the problem during the winter. My doubt is if I need to take with me the motor(s) or the whole windlass. Thanks in advance for any comment.
On August 27, 2021, I tried to disassembly the windlass. I was in a different island but could contact the electrician that made the revision. He suggested to release the cones. Normally I used (wrongly, I suppose) the cones very tight. I released the cones without removing the drum and the windlass still run slow. Then I remove the drum and could not move the gipsy as shown in this video:
But then I forced a bit and could move the gipsy still with some effort as seen the following video:
The only way I can explain why I was not able to rotate the gipsy on the first video was as if the bottom clutch cone was "glued" to the gipsy. The little movement that I could get was due to a backlash on the "faced" hole of the lower cone (see picture below). Looking to the 2 cones, the we note that the centre holes look different. The lower cone looks very worn. And also it shows scratches or grooves in the conic surface that is in contact with the gipsy. I think this cone should be replaced.

On August 28, 2021, I made a second post in the FB group:

Quick Windlass - I posted yesterday my problems with the Aleph 1000W Quick windlass. I am trying to fix it and will update that post when I finish. Meanwhile I could not decipher from the manual which is the upper clutch cone (7) and the bottom clutch cone (9). Also the 2 surfaces of the spring washer (12) are different. I can not determine from the drawing in the manual which is the surface that faces down. Thanks in advance for any tips.

Now, In December 2021, I am in contact to Quick Italy to see if I need a new gearbox and motor set or a new windlass. In the web I found several suppliers of the complete windlass. Here are some examples: 

AL3 1012D at 1733€ from France or from the same shop the AL3 1012 at 1590€

AL3 1012 at 1212€ from Italy

AL3 1012 at 1453€ from Greece or the AL3 1012D at 1627€ from the same shop

AL3 1012 at 1205€ from Spain or the AL3 1012D at 1285€ from the same shop including shipping

AL3 1012 at 1229€ from France

Studying the manuals and looking to the spares sets I could buy the following:




In brackets it is the price seen at the UK company www.sparesmarine.co.uk. In that shop the AL3 1012 costs 1200£ and the AL3 1012D costs 1264£

I will contact Quick to see if these sets are available in a EU shop.