One of the many things I decided to do during the winter 2022/23 was to get a new dashboard for my Yanmar panel. It is a type B panel and I found one site that was selling it. I order it but I did not like it. The dimensions were not exact and the lines in the alarm drawings were too thin. So I decided to do my own design using raster images and my very old Paint Shop Pro version 5 programme. But before let me place here a photo showing my deteriorated panel (on the left) the one I bought (in the center) and the one I designed (already placed on the panel on the right). Please open the image on a new separator to see the details.



My design started with the rectangular dimensions of 17cm x 13cm and I used 100 pixels/centimeter. So my initial picture had the size of 1700 x 1300 pixels. I used 256 colors. The labels in the 2 rocker switches are not visible anymore but I found it too expensive to replace the switches just because of that. So I included the labels on the drawing.


Then I was looking for local printing shops able to print in vinyl. I wanted a translucent vinyl for the red alarm red labels to be visible. It should be in matte finish (no reflections) and have a good UV and weather protection. I found one web shop based in Italy that dispatches for all countries. This is the url that refers to the product I chose . I made 30 stickers for a ridiculous cheap price of 19 euros including shipping to Portugal. The drawback was that I could not use interior cutter regions (the circular hole for the tachometer and the square one for the 2 switches) . So I chose the following options
Material : Backlit Opal Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Cut: rectangular
Width: 81.0 cm
Height: 87.5 cm
Lamination: UV Filter 5 Matt
I had to enlarge the image by 1 mm (for the bleed/cut)  so that the final image that I uploaded had the size of 81.2cm x 87.7cm (8120 x 8770 pxs). If you open this image on a different separator you will get a very big image!


Finally - I used scissors and a x-acto to open the circular and the squares holes. I made a mistake and the 1st one was not so good cut. Still I have 28 left. If you want 2 or 3 samples, write me privately and I will be glad to send you them. I only need that you pay me the shipping costs.