The Nmea4Wifi Tool is a windows programme, hereby referred to as the Nmea4Wifi tool, to help in the configuration of the Nmea4Wifi multiplexer. The configuration of the Nmea4Wifi multiplexer can be totally done with a simple Web Browser, either in a PC or in a smartphone, without the need of the present Nmea4Wifi tool. However, the tool is particularly useful if you need to set complex Nmea 0183 sentence filtering or if you need to update the multiplexer firmware without using a USB cable. The tool is also capable of transmitting and/or recording Nmea 0183 sentences for testing purposes.

The Nmea4Wifi Tool is distributed as a single Nmea4Wifi.zip file containing 5 files.

Nmea4Wifi.exe - the Executable file
Nmea4Wifi.chm - the Help file
Nmea4Wifi.nmea - text file containing Nmea 0183 sequences for testing and simulation
Nmea4Wifi.log - blank text file to receive Nmea 0183 sentences
ReadMe.txt - install instructions

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