The N2K0183 multiplexer can be connected to a NMEA2000 (also referred to as N2K) backbone or to a Raymarine SeaTalkNG backbone. These 2 buses are electrically equivalent and only differ on the type of connectors. You need a cable with stripped wires at the end that connects to the N2K0183 screw terminals, as shown in the picture on the left. 

If you want to connect the N2K0183 multiplexer to a SeaTalkNG backbone you can get Raymarine parts numbers A06043 (1 meter stripped end spur cable) or A06044 (same but 3 meter). If you want to connect the N2K0183 multiplexer to a NMEA2000 backbone you have more options including making yourself the connecting cable using a 5 pin male M12 connector plug (you can get these plugs either with screw or soldering terminals). The plugs are shown on the right of the above picture. The N2K0183 multiplexer also has 2 input and 1 output Nmea0183 ports whose connections should be done as described here. When you connect the output port P2 of the N2K0183 multiplexer to an opto isolated Nmea0183 listener no loop ground around the N2K bus are created. However, if you connect P2 to a single ended input Nmea0183 listener you may not only destroy the multiplexer driver if you connect B2 to GND but also create a ground loop around the N2K bus. This problem is discussed here.


The following tables show the conversions carried out by the N2K0183 multiplexer between Nmea0183 sentences and N2K PGN messages. Further conversions maybe implemented in the future.

NMEA 0183 > NMEA2000 PGN   NMEA2000 PGN > NMEA 0183 Notes
APB 129283, 129284   127250 HDM,HDT,HDG 1
DIN Nmea2000 transliterate   128259 VHW  
DBT 128267   128267 DPT,DBK,DBT  
DPT 128267   129026 VTG 2
DBK 128267   130306 MWV 5
GGA  127258,129029,129000    130311 MDA  
GLL 126992, 129025   127245 RSA  
HDG 127250   127258 (saved for RMC)  
HDM 127250   129025 (saved for RMC)  
HDT 127250   129029 (saved for RMC)  
MTW 130211   (1Hz intervals) RMC 3
MWV rel 130306   126992 ZDA  
MWV true 130306   65359 HDT,HDM  
RMB 129283,129284,129285   127237 HSC  
RMC 127258, 129026, 129029   129283 XTE  
VHW 130577 , 128259   129284 APB,RMB  4
VTG  129026  129285 RMB  4
XTE 129283 129038 AIS messages VDM/VDO  
VDM/VDO 129038…(AIS messages) 129039  



1 - Max update rate 2Hz,
2 - Max update rate 2Hz, Sent only if SOG is valid and recent
3 - 1Hz max, sent only if Latitude & Systemdate are valid and recent
4 - 1Hz max, sent only if Latitude valid and recent
5 - 1Hz max, sent only if WindAngle valid and recent