With the Nmea4Wifi Tool you transmit Nmea 0183 sentences read from a file. These sentences can be directed to one of the following targets: COM port; UDP port or TCP port. If there are sentences in the specified file, they will be shown in the display window as they are transmitted when you press the RESUME button. When you do that, the button changes its label to PAUSE and all the other buttons become disabled. In order to change any transmission settings you need to return to the previous window by pressing the button PAUSE to stop the display of sent sentences and allow the change of settings. Broadcasting of Nmea 0183 sentences is stopped when this form is loaded. A description of the transmission settings follows.

COM port – shows the chosen COM port number and baud rate. To change these settings, press CHANGE.
UDP port – shows the chosen UDP port number and IP Address. To change this setting, press CHANGE.
TCP port – shows the chosen TCP port number and IP Address. To change these settings, press CHANGE.
Filter String – used to filter the Nmea 0183 sentence read from the file before transmitting.
Period – time interval in mili-seconds between each transmission (can be affected by Sentence Filtering).
AutoScroll – when checked the last transmitted sentence appears on the bottom line of the display window. When unchecked you will need to Pause and use the scroll bar to see the last transmitted sentences.
Clear – button to clear the display window.
Filename to Transmit – points to the filename that contains Nmea 0183 sentences to be transmitted, when you press RESUME in this form or when you press "Start Broadcasting" in the ToolBar of the Nmea4Wifi Tool. The button CHANGE allows the setting of this file. When the end of file is reached, reading starts again from the beginning of the file except if the filename starts with the character 1. In this case, no repetition occurs and the file is only transmitted once.
Set as Default – saves the present Transmission Settings (COM, UDP and TCP ports, baud rate, IP Address, filename for sending) in the file Nmea4Wifi.ini that exists in the Nmea4Wifi.exe folder. These settings will be used in the next Nmea4Wifi running session.
Exit – closes the form and returns to the main Nmea4Wifi working space.

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